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Poster: postunder Date: Oct 12, 2007 6:30am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Faxi Nadu and Friends - Star One Remixes (Faxi Island 2007)

Hey all,

this is not a netlabel release, its cd and digital download, but it comes from our Postunder Netlabel group, almost all these artists are netlabel active, and there is a free release show as part of it that is available on archive.

Here goes:

Artist: Faxi Nadu and Friends
Title: Star One Remixes
Label: Faxi Island Records
Genre: Electronic Multi Genre (Psytrance and more)
Date: October 2007
Format: JewelBox CD / WAV / 320kbps mp3 / 192kbps mp3
Length: 62:27


1. Faxi Nadu's Original Galactic Trouble Mix (Israel) 8:25
2. Hoax's Empires Fall Remix (UK) 8:58
3. LSDan's Paranoid Remix (UK) 10:17
4. Elmooht's Portals Remix (Israel) 3:25
5. Noized's Nano Battles Remix (Germany) 7:01
6. Fright Rate's Hero Remix (South Africa) 6:15
7. Skyhighatrist's Hovercraft Remix (UK) 6:53
8. Signal:Noised's Dream On Remix (UK) 6:25
9. Sickmoth's Submerge Remix (UK) 4:48

Original mix and album mastering by Yaron Eshkar at
Album graphics by Teodor Tudorica at

C2007 Faxi Nadu and Respective Remix Artists.
Unauthorized duplication sucks ass, support music.


"You found my weakness... I prefer to shoot a moving target" - Del Tarrant

Star One is the second remix project to reach maturation on Faxi Island Records, after Second In Command in early 2007. We present you with ten delicious remixes of Faxi's original minimaltech/psy tune Star One. On this one We have got some returning names on Faxi Island - LSDan, Fright Rate and Elmooht - and a bunch of new names to our label. We believe this album is truley a journey, with each remix taking you to a different destination into each of the artist's minds. From DJ Hoax's pumping UK techno vibes, through the bouncy trippy take by Skyhighatrist, and the deep and dark version by Noized - each remix is a new world of sound and color.

The project for the original tune was posted online, and artists could download the project and work thier own remix. The remixes were then collected, and it was decided that we will offer this album as cd and as a digital download. The album is available as a proffesionally manufactured JewelBox CD, Wav digital download, or mp3 digital download in 320 or 192kbps. See below for sale points.

We hope you enjoy this album!


Download album promo zip (full tracks) in 96kbps mp3:

Download an album release show aired on babaganousha radio in 112kbps mp3:

Buy the album at:

Faxi Island Shop - CD, Digi Single Tracks and Album

TrackItDown - Digi Single Tracks

Cytopia - Digi Single Tracks and Album


- Faxi Nadu's Original Galactic Trouble Mix (Israel)
The original mix of Star One is an enchanting hypnotic type of tune. Repetitive techno beats among a dazzle of nightly atmospheres and far off sounds with a high quality lofi feel.

Faxi Nadu is Yaron Eshkar, producing psytrance for a number of years, with releases on many netlabels such as Postunder Records, Cosmic Flower, Darklife and more, and appearing on Anomalistic and Triplag CD releases.

- Hoax's Empires Fall Remix (UK)
This is DJ Dave Hoax's remix to Faxi Nadu's Star One tune. Pumping techno and swooshing acid lines, the full range of effects and atmospheres from the original, with added touches of his own. This track is simply intense psychedelic ghetto stomping!

- LSDan's Paranoid Remix (UK)
Deep, groovy, dark, sinister - LSDan takes us on a deep dive into the depths of Star One. Solid and pumping groove and lots of quirky sounds provide suspense and thrill for the mind, as well as pounding, stomping madness to the dancefloor.

LSDan originally started as a techno/acid project in 2001/2. Inspired by a psy/techno night in Leeds, England called Cabbage LSDan started producing psy. More into dark, organic material, his biggest influences are Derango, Encephalopaticys and Terminator.

- Elmooht's Portals Remix (Israel
Elmooht deforms and difuses the sounds of the original into an eerie and haunting dark ambient soundscape, drifting in droning on and on....
Elmooht music has been released on many netlabels as well as a full length small run CD at Postunder Records. Elmooht is a side project of Faxi Nadu.

- Noized's Nano Battles Remix (Germany)
Insane and twisted with a butt shaking groove - noized's remix twirls your head and feet into a frenzy. Using lots of sounds from the original, with lots of additional new layers noized arranges this track in his unique bouncy psychedelic style.

Noized is Lutz Oettershagen from Germany. After lots of parties he started to produce the music that his twisted mind was looking for. He experiemented with different styles till he developed his own style of dark, disturbing, fast and hypnotising power psytrance.

- Fright Rate's Hero Remix (South Africa)
Fright Rate takes this remix to a twisted and crazy direction, dark in the south african style. Hard noizes and sound effects, guitars and a nice melody hook bring about the Fright Rate sound to the Star One project.

Fright Rate is the dark psychedelic trance project of Seth Human which was created in the beginning of 2006. Seth began his psychedelic journey in 2000 where he attended underground events in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2003 he started djing at most of the top organised events in South Africa such as Trancegression, Alien Safari and Lunar Tech playing alongside artists such as N3xu5, Psychotic Micro, Frozen Ghost, Void, Eskimo, Skazi. Seth later started experimenting with making his own tracks, concerntrating on minimal and tech trance. Towards the end of 2005 he started becoming attracted to the more darker, faster and twisted side of trance, this is when his new vision was born. His style as he describes it is "spooky, fucked up shit for the darkest hours" with influences from artists such as Claw, Paranoize, Horror place, Kemic-al, Highko and Savage Scream to name a few. The goal of this project is to connect and inspire like-minded people around the globe to live life as they have visioned.

- Skyhighatrist's Hovercraft Remix (UK)
Skyhighatrist's remix of Faxi Nadu's Star One tune. This one is bouncy and melodic compared to the other mixes. The track presents some mystery with some spacey pads and atmospheres, but the overall vibe is uplifting and trippy, like a forgotten level on a mario game.

- Sickmoth's Submerge Remix (UK)
Star One sickmoth remix started life as an ambient work but developed into something much more, where intricate breakbeats meld with dreamy synths and warped vocal samples to create a stomping and ever-evolving landscape.

Sickmoth, based near London, has been producing eclectic electronica for almost 10 years. Fusing light with dark, ambient with industrial, his aim with each song is to take the listener on a journey that crosses genres yet ends in an original and satisfying whole. Using live drums, electric and acoustic guitars, violins, the ukulele and anything else that produces a sound worth recording, it’s music far enough from the mainstream for the discerning listener.

Having produced many remixes for a diverse range of artists and genres, sickmoth is also one half of The Electrip, which early in 2007 released an acclaimed debut EP, Collideoscope, and is also drummer in UK-based punk rock band Lemon Shaft.

Sickmoth is an active member of Postunder Records and Postunder's FSOR sublabel community.

- Signal:Noised's Dream On Remix (UK)
Signal:Noised's star one remix is a unique blend of club music with breaks and acid sounds. Arps, 303 leads and crunchy fx bounce around a funky groove, giving this track a dancfloor appeal that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Signal:Noise is the musical catalyst of Jamie Baker from the UK. Jamie's production style can best be described as organic - a sound lab prodigy, the tools of his craft are painstakingly modified and tweaked to produce his eclectic sound.

Jamie is an active member on Postunder's FSOR sublabel community.

- Teodor Tudorica (metaForma)'s Deep Thoughts Album Art (Romania)
Teo is an architect and visual artist from Romania. He has been working with the Postunder label group for a while now and has been involved in website artwork and art for releases on Postunder, FSOR and Faxi Island. He has created the cover for the previous Faxi Nadu and Friends release, Second In Command.


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